Koios - the Pantheon Query Builder

In Greek mythology, Koios (also known as Coeus) was the Elder Titan god of intelligence, the inquisitive mind, or questioning intellect, his name meaning "query" or "questioning". His wife, Phoibe (or Phoebe) was the goddess of the prophetic mind. Together, the couple may have functioned as the primal font of all knowledge, both that born of heaven (Krios son of Heaven) and derived from earth (Phoibe daughter of earth).
[From theowiki accessed on August 15th, 2006]


Koios is a low-level, asynchronous, GCP-compliant search engine for Generation Challenge Programme research data, analysis and visualization tools. Koios provides a high level facade for GCP datasources. The Koios Engine is primarily a query wrapper of the GCP Datasources and is used by Zeus for its structured result set management. The API can be found here: Koios API.

For pertinent technical documentation on the Zeus, and the framework it has built on, please refer to the Zeus Documentation in the GCP Pantheon website.

Richard Bruskiewich
Martin Senger